Friday, July 29, 2016

Collage Study - Circular I


King Midas and the Papoose
Cats and Crows
I am taking a Larry Calkins workshop and we were tasked to make ten collages using a theme of our choice.  The overall theme could be anything we wanted but they had to relate somehow.  I decided to do circular collages and keep the color tones similar.  In addition, all had to be the same number of elements.  Again we could choose.  I decided on three elements.  Larry uses Yes Paste and Elmer's Glue in most of his collage work.  I decide to try it out.  My verdict on it is still out.  I have used matte medium for so long, it is difficult for me to make the change.

In the ten collages I decided to stay within the boundary of the circle and also go outside the boundaries.  I am liking the added feel of going outside the circle boundary.


jacki long said...

Interesting challenge!
I love how your mind works John,
and your enjoyment in the process.

Claudia MB said...

2 challenges -- staying in a circular frame and no intense colors. Brave man!