Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Virgin Islands ATC Series # 6

St. Thomas ATC Series No. 11

St. Thomas ATC Series No. 12
St. Thomas ATC Series No 13

It was one humid day that we climbed the 99 steps to Blackbird's Castle.  The view was well worth it even though I was soaking wet by the time we returned to our car.  Just looking at all the finished ATCs brings back the wonderful memories of this vacation.  I thought I had made 14 ATCs but I can only find 13.  Perhaps the other one will turn up or not.


Claudia MB said...

I really like the second one, with the turtle cutout.

jacki long said...

I have really enjoyed the entire Virgin Island series!
It has been a mini-trip for me, as you are so talented at
portraying the essence and feeling of your locale.

I have one more big class to teach Saturday, and
one more ad job to complete and then I will try to switch gears,
find my RR template and get to work!
Thanks again John for including me.

anonymous said...

Love 11 and 12. Hibiscus say Caribbean to me. Gorgeous flowers and I like the contrasts here. 12 is a great visual trick! Well done, John, for this series. You may go on holiday again...