Tuesday, December 9, 2014

US Virgin Islands ATC Series

St. Thomas ATC Series No. 1
St.Thomas ATC Series No. 2
What a gorgeous place to take a week's vacation!  The US Virgin Islands is definitely a destination now off the bucket list but well worth the excursion.  It took some effort to get there, over eight hours flying time, first to Miami and then on to St. Thomas.  Those airplane seats are not so comfortable for this 64 year old body.  It will take some time for my tail bone to stop screaming!

While in the Virgin Islands I continued my plan to create ATCs from found ephemera along the way. At first I was not finding what I wanted.  However, perseverance paid off and I have come up with this Virgin Islands Series.  You will see over the next week that I was rather prolific.  It was a great adventure but  I am glad to be home.


amy of studio four corners said...

I'm sure it was a fantastic and relaxing trip - and your ATCs reflect the colors and tropical fun - how wonderful!

Cate Rose said...

Great ATCs, John! Glad you had a wonderful trip. Guess you won't be going to Singapore or Bali any time soon, eh?...about 24 hours travel time, most of that in a plane! Anyhow, I sent you mail yesterday. Have a great week!

jacki long said...

How cool is that, John?
I love this new series.
I can feel your fun trip!
Can't wait for more.

jacqueline said...

Hi John

Great Virgin Islands images....

Can you send me your address please? I have a card for you.