Sunday, December 14, 2014

Virgin Islands ATC Series # 5

St. Thomas ATC Series No. 9

St. Thomas ATC Series No. 10
Finding ephemera on this trip took me to new places, the breakfast table and the wrist band provided by the sea life park.  In the second ATC above the coded bracelet was not tossed but used in the design.  Looking everywhere for something new to use was challenging.  Even a leaf from a tropical tree found a home on the above ATC.

At breakfast, lemon was served with my tea.  I am a cream person so lemon is never used.  However, the lemons were wrapped in a yellow cheese cloth and I could not resist bringing them back to our hotel room.  You will find the cheese cloth in other ATCs.


jacki long said...

I think this is a delightful series, John!
Sunny & colorful like I imagine the islands to be?
Like a mini-vacation for the viewers!

anonymous said...

Is that a leaf from a seagrape tree? I love them. I like #9 very much - so strong.

Seth said...

I really like the composition and layering of these two.

tgarrett said...

What a fun series- you were productive there!