Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cup of Tea

Cup of Tea
I found a wonderful book this year at a garage sale that was a history of the US in black and white photographs.  Using some of those vintage memories I created Cup of Tea.  Sometimes we just need a cup of tea and time to reflect on our busy lives which are often packed full without much time for pondering.  Cup of Tea reflects a busy full life that is almost like a tornado of activity at times.  Now that I am retired I have more time to sit each morning reading the newspaper with my cup of tea and for awhile just be.  It is nice!


Cate Rose said...

This is really fabulous. Love the newspaper bits. Great collage!

jacki long said...

Ah the h joy of black gesso and a great eye!
You are a magician, a skilled magician John!
Love it!

ingridp said...

Love is piece and especially the thoughts behind this

tgarrett said...

I am always amazed at your output. So much work and such variety. I need to revisit black gesso! Nice spread.