Saturday, December 20, 2014


One day recently I sat down with this journal and just started adding blocks of color in a variety of quadrilateral forms.  I had no idea where I was headed but somehow I was propelled in a way that often comes to me.....just moving forward.  I was not spending too much time thinking but just pushing toward whatever thought came my way.  Then I felt like writing and the writing brought back memories from when I was much younger.  The rest just evolved with the final focal point of the young thinking man.  He is a collage of several young men. Perhaps that is what is going to happen now that I am closing in on 65....trips down memory lane!


Claudia MB said...

I love the sweater -- very 70s! Is the man on the right a scan-copy of the one on the left, or did you happen to find a duplicate?

Brian Kasstle said...

A very cool spread.

Cate Rose said...

This is very cool! Have a wonderful holiday. I so wish I lived closer to you, then I could hang out with you and Michele! Maybe someday I'll make a trip north. Hugs!

jacki long said...

I love this one John! It shows that you did too! ♥
Thank you for your posts, I look forward to and enjoy every one.
Have great holidays and a Happy Healthy 2015 approaching quickly. ♥

john said...

Yes, it is a scanned copy which I rotated in Photoshop to be a mirror image. :-) Glad you like the sweater. I used paint pens on it. I am in love with paint pens right now.

tgarrett said...

John I just love this one- all of it the composition the colors and the man and after reading your words the thought behind it.