Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Family? or Riverside Library

Happy Family? or Riverside Library
So many GLBT of my generation spent a great deal of time either in the closet or married and unhappy.  What a change it has been this year for marriage equality rights!  I never thought in my life time I would see such change and at almost lightning speed at that.  Many might disagree about the speed but what has happened over the last few years is truly amazing.  Just look at marriage equality maps on the internet.  Compare those maps to just a few short years ago.

It is so sad that we continually have to fight the same battles over and over in this country.  Equal rights are guaranteed under the Constitution yet we seem to be continually fighting for those rights in the courts, rights that should be a given not open to interpretation.

Happy Family? or Riverside Library illustrates those in the GLBT minority who married and lived a heterosexual life because that is what society dictated.  It is a life of the wife, the husband, and the lover.  So many men I know or knew lived that life, married and unhappy occasionally finding happiness on the side. They lived a double life.  Thank goodness change has come and is still coming. No one should be unhappy and hiding because of who they are.


amy of studio four corners said...

yes...thank goodness for change...happy that live the life you want!
all happiness to you this season...and into 2015!

Cate Rose said...

What a touching piece of art, and another of your very best. I'm so glad things have changed as well...the world is a much better place now! Hugs.

Claudia MB said...


jacki long said...

Wonderful John!
You are so good at expressing a mood, a feeling ... beautifully!
Yes, we have seen so much change in a relatively short time.

tgarrett said...

This is so true- thanks for your words. I am honored to have this card in front of me right now.