Wednesday, January 27, 2021

What the Heck!

What the Heck!

What the Heck! starts a new series which I will tell you about as we progress through the 26 pieces in the series.  I began working on these pieces after I volunteered to make a postcard for new members of the NW Collage Society.  There are 21 new members as of January 1.  I have been working on this series for about a week and have 15 of them completed.  The remaining 15 still need focal points and they will be done. Onward I go! :-)


jacki long said...

You are amazing, in what you accomplish and also your abundance of ideas. Wow!

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

This is at once a story...funny and scary.
I’m all eyes on this series!

tgarrett said...

This is so you John- this is a wonderful postcard- some one is going to be very lucky- like I was this week receiving a postcard from you. You are always so kind in giving your art to people. I cherish our friendship.

Robert said...

I love the angle of the figure in this one, John! The gentleman looks a little off balance, as though he does not know what the future holds, just like the rest of us in our daily lives right now. Looking forward to this series! It is a wonderful thing that we have so many new members at NWCS!