Thursday, January 7, 2021

Mini Journal No. 12 - 02 Collaboration

Mini Journal No. 12 - 02 Collaboration

Yesterday I was glued to my computer watching the unfolding of anarchic activity at the US Capitol.  It was an unbelievable display.  Unbelievable that it could happen in the US.  Democracy under siege!  Democracy prevailed!  Democracy is stronger than an egocentric despot.  It saddens me that so many people are willing to follow a man who lies.  For me it was easy to see through such a man.  I did back in 2016.  A man who treats women like he does was enough for me to know that he was not presidential material.  People allowed themselves to be fooled.  They allowed themselves to forget decent behavior.  I am so looking forward to January 20 when we will have a new cool headed thinker in the White House!

Concerning this piece above.....I love the second representation of the tail and the position of the white tiger’s body.  He looks to be jumping to the left which, of course, provides movement.  You know I am a fan of movement. :-)

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jacki long said...

Another beauty, Josh. Thank you!