Monday, January 4, 2021

Mini Journal No. 11 - 03 Collaboration

Mini Journal No. 11 - 03 Collaboration

 I am seeing spots before my eyes!  Maybe they should give this one as the sample when one has to take the eye exam for a driving test! :-)


julia said...

You right about the eye test! And also about it being very hard to tell which is your work and which is elsa’s terrific!
And i must have missed something, john..what is the reference 19th amendment upper right of your blog page? Is that a show that you were in?

Robert said...

This piece just EXPLODES with color! It reminds me a bit of the “razzle dazzle” camouflage used by the militaries of various countries during WWI. If you haven’t seen these ships, check them out online. It’s like an “Op artist” from the 1960’s was commissioned to paint an entire destroyer!

jacki long said...

Nice work, both Elsa and JOHN!