Wednesday, January 13, 2021



 I am always amazed at how things come together since I usually never know where they are going when I start.  All of my ephemera were prepared separately.  I have boxes and boxes of ephemera to use.  In this case I started with some paper that I believe is German and has lots and lots of lines and numbers on it.  Then I I thought about some black and added a bit of napkin that you see on the upper left.  I had circles that I had altered in PhotoShop and you see two plus a tiny bit of a third one,,,,can you find it?  I added the walkers which came from a matchbox image.  Finally, I adhered the car.  It all came together.  It is all intuitive work.  I think it does a good job of creating an abstract collage with a representational feel.

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jacki long said...

Yes, this is wonderful, colors and movement both.