Sunday, January 24, 2021

Mini-Journal No. 15 - 02

Mini-Journal No. 15 - 02

 A question came up yesterday about how I go about doing these mini collages.  Where do I start?  What about the pen work?  I start by adhering background papers.  I find them here, there, everywhere.  I then add middle ground and finally the foreground before doing the pen work.  So in this case I added decorative papers that had been cut into smaller size pieces.  I then add some washi tape to the valley fold and then the lantern for middle ground.  The dog was the last piece of ephemera I added.  The pen work comes after all the collaging.  It might look like the pen work was done before the lantern and the dog but it was not.

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jacki long said...

Great job, John! These mini-journals are gorgeous.
And your enjoyment doing them, come thru to us as we enjoy them.