Friday, January 1, 2021

Afternoon Teatime


Afternoon Teatime

It is good to clean up my desk every once in awhile.  I discovered this postcard.  I like the depth provided by the layers.

Happy 20121!  May this year be a good one for each of you.  Happy New Year! :-)


jacki long said...

This postcard is so beautiful, thanks for sharing, John,
Happy, Healthy New Year to you and Tim.

Robert said...

This piece seems virtually perfect as a composition. There is a lot going on in this rectangular space but my eye focuses first on the face of the woman serving tea, then to the green floral shape immediately to her left, and then down to the eye and head of the duck, forming a triangle. The visual attraction to these three focal points then leaves my eye free to explore the absolute lushness and layering in the other areas in this small composition.

julia said...

I can’t add any more to the thoughtful comments already here except to say WOW! I love this one...

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

This is elegant and as balanced as her tea tray.
However, I am not quite awake and at first glance the birds beak seemed to be poking her in the armpit of her kimono.
Finding humor in unsuspected scenes makes me laugh. It appeared a further test of her ability to remained poised and in control of the ceremony. John, you made my morning!

anonymous said...

Such rich colours and a peaceful scene - very soothing. xcr