Friday, January 8, 2021

Mini Journal No. 12 - 03 Collaboration

Mini Journal No. 12 - 03 Collaboration

 Perhaps the cats are grouped together for support in the world of dots.  Hmm?

More on the siege of the US Capitol on Wednesday.....it is very suspicious to me when you consider how the police dealt with this siege as compared to the Black Lives Matter protests.  Racial injustice?  I think it needs to be considered and investigated.  It interests me that pushing the rioters back away from the Capitol on Wednesday was mostly pretty calm as compared to the actions taken against BLM protesters.  Just saying!


Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Love this.
And yes to your comments on the mob. Had they been black? A very different outcome.
And the repercussions enormous. We have a lot to learn about who we are.
These cats stick together and appear civilized. So should we.

jacki long said...

This. Is a warm, lovely piece.
And, I agree.