Saturday, September 3, 2016

New Pocket Journal No. 2 - Part I



I created a new secret pocket journal from an old paper fold idea.  Six collages fit inside.  The people in these collages all came from a very old book.  The dealer in Seattle was selling each book page for 50 cents.  I got a bunch of them after sorting through for the ones I wanted.  I have altered some of them to fit my needs.  The pages were first published in the late 1800s.  I found a bunch of monkey wallpaper on the internet and am using pieces in many of my most recent collages.  I love monkeys.

Speaking of them I had a surprising adventure with a monkey in 1983.  I was visiting Indonesia where we went on a tour at a monkey forest.  We bought some peanuts to feed the monkeys.  It did not take long for them to spy those nuts.  Before I knew it I had a monkey attached to the front of my shirt and before a blink of the eye that monkey had the whole bag of nuts.  Greedy little guy but very resourceful.  I think he must have done that before.  I was sure surprised though.


jacki long said...

Your covers with the gelli print layers are so gorgeous!
Makes me want to hunt up the gelli's but then I revert
to collage as it's handy & ready to use. Lazy may be the right term?
I am also enjoying seeing snippets of our shared papers.
Your work is amazing, as always. Love that stamp!

tgarrett said...

I agree jacki! I love the cover- colors and creative use of stenciling. It almost has a fabric look to it. I am a very lucky person as John sent this to me of rmy birthday!