Saturday, September 10, 2016



This photo was of an extensive brick building that I found.  I used only a portion of it.  There were many things about the original that I especially liked.  First the angle and then the contrast between the brick and the glass were important to keep.  I particularly thought the railing was pertinent for movement.  So when I cut up the photo I kept those features.  There was a political poster on the building for President Obama.  Although I support our president I did not want that in my composition.  Adding the abstract silhouette and the tree on the right plus the photo of Herbert completed the composition.  I then added the pen work.  I just love Stablio Woodies and white Signo pens.  I did a bit of stencil work on the background, too.


Jacki Long said...

Really loving this series John!
I share your love of architecture.
Never met a building I didn't like.

tgarrett said...

Love the the pen work here.