Friday, September 23, 2016

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon

For me this has an industrial feel.  This particular series came together rapidly once I had all my ephemera out.  It probably took ten minutes to decide what pieces would be going with each other. The creation of the postcards is a six step process:

1. find ephemera
2. lay it out
3. glue it to the 4 x 6 cereal box cardboard
4. find a photo to go with the architectural features and adhere it
5. add graphite, white pen, and Stablio pencil to the piece
6. add asemic writing


Brian Kasstle said...

Wonderful what is asemic writing?

jacki long said...

I'm with Brian, I just googled asemic writing!
So you taught me again John! ;o) I love words.
I love this piece as well, and could almost feel
the satisfaction you must have felt in combining
the essential 4 pieces so perfectly. Wow!

anonymous said...

Well, I felt smug that I guessed correctly what asemic meant!!! (though I had to check). The long dead teacher of English Language did some of her work well.

tgarrett said...

terrific composition

Connie Rose said...

I'm loving these more modern pieces you've done recently. Have a wonderful weekend!