Friday, September 9, 2016

Mom, Dad, and the Kids

Mom, Dad, and the Kids

Well it seems that most visitors to this blog who have left a comment about the pen work think that it should be included.  Thanks for your comments.  I am thinking yes to that as well.

There are several things about this spread that I particularly like.  I really got into the chain link fence.  I thought the dot tissue really made a statement.  I love the telephone pole on the far left.  The photograph came from that huge area garage sale I went to in Everett about a month ago.  I am just loving the architecture of it all, too.


jacki long said...

Love the muted colors & architectural feel.
Handsome is the word that comes to mind.
Love seeing you use the polka dots too! ♥♥♥

Connie Rose said...

I agree, the pen work adds a lot of depth.

tgarrett said...

yes to pen work- love this John- wonderful composition.