Saturday, September 17, 2016

Left Out

Left Out
I think practically everyone has experienced being left out sometime in their life.  Left Out exhibits that feeling pretty well.  My friend Sally gave me the illustrations for this spread.  The one on the left probably came from a primer reader and the one on the right came from a children's book.  I recognize the illustrator but am not sure of her name.  Perhaps it is Judith Viorst.  I tend to think it might be from Alexander's No Good, Very Bad Day or one of the sequels to that book.  The background is all from magazine pages that I have been saving for awhile.


tgarrett said...

Very emotional spread. Yes I have experienced that- more than I wish- in childhood for sure but to be honest in my current life not being accepted by the art "community" here where I live.

Jacki Long said...

I think this is just plain masterful John!
I love everything about it. Not just the story,
but the beautiful placement of collage pieces
unifying the piece in such a perfect way! WOW!