Monday, September 28, 2015

Shabby Chic Cloth Journal No. 2

Cloth Journal No. 2

Cloth Journal No 2 (part of the inside)
When cleaning out my mother's house I found some fabric that I liked.  So here is some of it made into my second shabby chic cloth journal.  I have not pinned anything in the journal yet as I have been filling Cloth Journal No. 1 with plenty of found and given items.  I love adding things into the cloth journals with safety pins.  There are many pockets in this one including some secret ones. I have added many postcards in them  It will look more journal-like when something finds a home on it.


jacki long said...

Oh John, this is so yummy! I can almost feel it!
All my favorite colors, you are amazing.

anonymous said...

Oh my, John - you are such a hoarder of stuff! Hope you have lots of storage room. I used to do fabric art and had to make a rule 'if it's smaller than 1x1 inch then it's out'. Just got ridiculous. Nice fabrics your mother had.

Brian Kasstle said...

Oh I really want to see this one! Wonderful!