Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Entomologist

The Entomologist
The Entomologist is another Wendy Lee Lynds/John collaboration.  I did the background, Wendy the middle ground, and I finished it off with the foreground.  Since Wendy and I have had post office problems, I was very pleased that she received the first one we did called Wake Up posted earlier on this blog.

I have been going down Memory Lane recently reviewing past work posted on my blog.  Once a piece is mailed off or sold it really isn't gone since I have a virtual version on the blog.  Isn't technology wonderful?! Well, that could be debated and a theme for another post!  :-)


jacki long said...

A great collaboration John & Wendy ... I love the colors, the layers and the whole composition. And, I do love the whole technology .thing .. as long as it is working. ;op

tgarrett said...

Nice piece John- as you know I love collaborations-have had some mail scares with lost things but they sometimes would show up weeks later- mail art is worth the risk.