Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Easy as ABC

Easy as ABC (cover)

Easy as ABC (inside)

Each year I get quite a bit of snail mail that I file away and I think about doing something with.  For instance, I belong to an international ATC group and the envelopes frequently come to me decorated amazingly. What to do with them?  They are unlike Christmas card envelopes that are usually boring....I guess I could make something out of them as well  But the snail mail envelopes have a great deal of amazing effort put forth on them already.  So I started binding them into signatures and the signatures were bound together to make a journal.  I plunked on a cover and I have a new journal to work in.

I add ephemera and paint to the envelope sides that have nothing.  Occasionally I will have the perfect something to add to what one of the sender artists has already done.  What I have in the end is a lovely journal created as a cooperative effort even though the artists did not know that is what they were doing.  Now that secret is out! Thanks to you all!

Prior to making this journal I just happened to be surfing on the internet and I was on Judy Wise's blog.  She had made a journal out of recycled materials.....grocery bag and cheese cloth.  Perfect, I knew what I was going to do with the snail mail envelopes.  Although I did not follow her directions to the T, I did use the paper bag and cheese cloth idea.  Thanks Judy!


jacki long said...

I love it! You are so good!
Thanks for Judy's blog link too,
I may get to that... sometime?

jacki long said...

I went to her blog, I meant ...
I may try that journal sometime.
It came out wrong, and I didn't proof! ;op

anonymous said...

I think it's a journal that might come out wrong for me! But it's a good article. On the whole I don't do journals as ever seeking for less stuff rather than more... But I agree it's sad ditching hand-decorated things like the envelopes.

tgarrett said...

you are always so right on things- such artistic energy!

Brian Kasstle said...

You are so prolific! What a wonderful idea!!!

Cate Rose said...

What a fabulous idea! Hey, I see my handwriting in there!! Hugs.