Friday, September 11, 2015

Story Collection Signature (front and back)

Signature Front Cover
Signature Back Cover

I have been working on this signature for quite some time.  Finally it has come to a close.  I have one other signature done and I think one more to go in what will become a journal made from old maps that I found when going through my father's belongings.  Bits of the maps show in each of the spreads in this journal.  I have put the other signatures away in a safe place.  Now to find just where that safe place is so I can continue on with the project! Hmm!

So I wrote the above paragraph a few days ago and queued it and then I went hunting for the other unfinished signature.  Found one!  Hmm!  I wonder where the other(s) are?  Maybe there will only be three signature in the journal?????

1 comment:

jacki long said...

Sounds familiar to me too! I need a GPS on everything!
Love the elephant cover ... I am always amazed how you can combine the black and white with vivid colors so beautifully. And I spotted the stitching on the back cover, I always love that addition. Wonderful work, as always.