Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pocket Accordion Journal for Postcards

Pocket Accordion (front)

Pocket Accordion (front open)

Pocket Accordion (inside open empty)

Pocket Accordion (inside open full)

Pocket Accordion (inside open back)
This past Tuesday was the take down for the Rosehill Show (Mukilteo, WA) that featured collages from the NW Collage Society.  So that meant a lot of work needed to be done with my co-heart, Jan. Not only did we have to take the show down but we had to wrap all the art and return it to the rightful owners. There was a two hour window for the artists to pick up their work.

One of the artists had mentioned to me that she had a bunch of books on creating books and journals that she was culling and did I wish them.  Of course I did.  Suzan brought them to the show pickup. In exchange for the books I asked Suzan what would be a fair trade.  We decided that I would design a journal to house ten or so 4 x 6 works that she had done but wanted to display somehow.

I wanted to create a journal to honor her works.  So that very late afternoon I started thinking and doing mock ups of possilbe journals to fit the criteria.  Suzan wanted an accordion and I had suggested pockets.  Making pockets on two sides was the challenge.  I successfully came up with a ten pocket accordion journal (pockets on both sides) which is now housing many postcards that I have received in the mail over the last few years.  Soon Suzan and I will get together at her studio for instruction on how to create said journal.  Too much fun!  It was so much fun I am going to make a second one today! :-)


amy of studio four corners said...

ok....I want to know how to do this too! I think there's a workshop cooking here...

jacki long said...

Me too, but it may be too hard for me? I may be structurally challenged.
This is so cool and so you!

tgarrett said...

Terrific John love it- cleaver design- wish I could look at thos closer to see about making one

Brian Kasstle said...

John! This is brilliant AND beautiful! What a wonderful idea! AND there are so many birthdays AND Christmas/Hanukah is coming up! ;-)

anonymous said...

I really like the calm colouring and attractive, smart quality of it. Great.