Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wake Up!

Wake Up
This has to be the fastest finished collaboration I have ever done.  Wendy Lee Lynds and I are exchanging postcards.  We each work on a background and possibly the middle ground.  Then we send the postcards off to each other to finish.  Today the mail arrived at 12:45.  Of course I opened Wendy's mail first and I found three cards waiting for me to work on.  I had just cut out the men you see for something yesterday.  I auditioned them on all three postcards but this is the one that was the best fit.  Actually it is perfect with the colors that Wendy had already included.  By 1:06 I had the card done and was writing the message.  I call this speed collaboration!

It has been a bit of a trial collaborating with Wendy.  Not because of Wendy but because of the post office.  I sent Wendy two different sets of postcards that never made it to her house.  One being lost is bad enough but two lost sets seems a bit strange.  Finally I hand delivered a set to her.  What do you think happened?  She liked them the way they were so much that they are hanging in her studio and that is where I think they will remain.

With all that has been going on in the news about marriage licenses in Kentucky this postcard seems to have an appropriate message.

Thanks Wendy!


jacki long said...

Wonderful! Speedy or not, they are great!
I am always amazed at your cutting skills and
how effortlessly these sepia guys are right at home
in the gorgeous background colors! Love it, of course!

tgarrett said...

Terrific piece John- and that is speed collaborating!