Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Enough War

Enough War
My friend Jacki Long was visiting the NW in August and she gave me a present of very brittle ephemera from a book about Native Americans....at least I think the pages came from this particular type of book. The few pages that I received had to be carefully handled as the slightest jarring caused bits to break off.  It was a challenge to carefully use my exacto knife to cut around the men I found on one page.  I was lucky enough to find the perfect male brave and the crow. Voila the composition was complete to add to my already finished background.


jacki long said...

Isn't this wonderful? I love this composition and the aged, brittle paper lends such a lovely tone to your beautiful colors. I also love the effect of the snippets of text. Just wonderful, John.

Cate Rose said...

Thank you so much, John! I admired this on your blog yesterday morning and then it showed up in my mailbox later in the day! Hugs.

anonymous said...

I like that crow gobbling up war. We could do with that.