Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Round Robin Spread September 2015

Round Robin Spread  September 2015
The idea for this spread just flowed and in a few short days it was done way ahead of the end of the month deadline.  I do not think I have any adjustments to make on it, but sending it on to the next RR artist will have to wait.  I took small snippets of twelve of my journal spreads and ATCs to make this particular spread that now resides in Michele's RR journal.  So much fun to see parts of works that I have created on one page.


Cate Rose said...

This is great. I remember some of those collages from earlier. Have a great weekend!

jacki long said...

Me too, I agree with Connie! So fun to recognize and enjoy in this new format.

anonymous said...

However much I try to think 'new colours', in the end I find 'my' colours emerge! I feel experienced painters do make work that hangs together so these little excerpts look intentional. Fun.