Thursday, September 3, 2015


Finally came about as I was reading about the county clerks who will not give marriage licenses to same sex couples in Kentucky and Alabama. These dinosaur idealists will be pushed aside by those who are actually thinking people as the Supreme Court has spoken and the tides have changed. These dissenters just appears as obstructionism now. Time to move on and accept.  History does repeat as this decision for marriage equality parallels the rights for African Americans in years past.  There were obstructionist then, too.  There will always be those who can't wrap their heads around equal rights but thank goodness and, finally, most do.


tgarrett said...

Nice spread John- I feel one coming on soon. I hopeful we can move on but there are many that will not let this one go. Too bad for them as we are here.

Cate Rose said...

Well said, John. And great spread! Sending mail to you today. Have a great weekend! Hugs.

Sisterhood of the Muse said...

Excellent work (as always) and post (again as always). I noticed you used the "Men On The Moon" in this piece. I have a large collection of "Women On The Moon" and often wonder if they were just friends...or more. And I agree with you...there will always be people resistant to change, but thankfully for us the tide is changing. And not a moment too soon!