Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Confidant

The Confidant
When holding this postcard I almost have the feeling that it is a vintage piece of art.  Not only do the figures feel old, as expected, but the background with the figures feels old.  Tell your own story about why these two women are perhaps in a garden telling each other secrets or possibly something embarrassing.


jacki long said...

I agree John, I think maybe it's the muted palette and the perfect placement?
As for story, maybe it's two SoCal ladies planning a trip? ;o)

anonymous said...

Yes - the colours do make it feel a history piece, not one concocted by John with his up-to-date energy and style!

Brian Kasstle said...

This has such a wonderful vintage vibe John! I love it!

Cate Rose said...

Really beautiful collage. Yes, it does look vintage.

Brian Kasstle said...

I keep coming back to this John!