Saturday, July 25, 2015

Unintentional Klepto

Unintentional Klepto
Oh my brain is working overtime!  Unintentional Klepto represents something that happened to me recently that I rather enjoyed watching unveil.  I won't be able to tell this story here, but just know that even the klepto stole the T out of Klepto.  Knowing that someone is an unintentional klepto rather endears the heart of this person to me.

Can you imagine lifting the represented items and not know you actually had sticky fingers?   :-)


Brian Kasstle said...

Are we going to have to visit you in prison soon?

anonymous said...

Have to confess I had someone in the supermarket car-park say to me once, 'You've forgotten your smoked salmon.' Which indeed I had! It was outside the carrier bags and had never been through the till. Rather than go back, I made off - and ate it! But I did take back the price/barcode next time to try to pay and they said they couldn't do that. On the other hand, accusing people of lifting things might be a sign of early failing and actually the things have been carefully stashed somewhere you've currently forgotten... Watch out!