Saturday, July 4, 2015

Does a Rooster Dream in Color?

Does a Rooster Dream in Color? 
There are just some questions that may never be answered.  Does a rooster dream in color? might just be one of those.  Recently I watched the Roxanne Coble technique videos on 21 Secrets.  I just love Roxanne's work which was recently published in the Art Journaling magazine.  I wanted to know how she approaches her journaling experience.  What a treat!

This spread, Does a Rooster Dream in Color?  was a practice spread trying out what I learned from Roxanne's videos.  This morning I decided to add my touch to the piece, hence the rooster!  Don't you think the colors in the rooster go amazingly well with the the "dream" in the background.

Roxanne Coble and Brian Kasstle will be teaching a workshop together in January 2016.  Watch for the announcement later this month.


jacki long said...

Another winner! Glorious colors John!

tgarrett said...

Love this so much John! I am anxious to try out her techniques.

amy of studio four corners said...

always a feast for the eyes!

Cate Rose said...

I adore Roxanne's work, and your spread is simply fantastic!

Brian Kasstle said...

This is wonderful John!