Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Rousseau

My Rousseau
I love Henri Rousseau's work and this piece is influenced by his stormy jungle piece that includes a tiger.  There are many, many layers, too many to remember.  I started this piece with gelli papers that I created.  My Rousseau is foreboding, but I hope the animal in the background is safe.  I may put a lightning bolt in the spread later on.


jacki long said...

Very Rousseau! Rich and wonderful.

anonymous said...

Regarding layers: I keep writing myself messages to keep a note of how I did it. Only to forget again and be left at the end wishing to repeat a 'look' w/o any clue how to go about it. Talk about reinventing the wheel. I often visit the original Rousseau in our National Gallery - Rousseau is one of my favourites too. I hadn't noticed before today that it has an alternative title (Surprised) - is the tiger surprised by the rain or what?

Cate Rose said...

That is awesome!

Seth said...

The layering here is brilliant!