Friday, July 17, 2015


No. 140
I have used these exerciser images before because I love how the red of their exercise clothing makes everything pop.  I had 13 postcards to make and finally finished them all after two weeks.  I actually would like to see if the mail carrier looks at them when she picks them up out of the postbox.  I wonder the same thing when snail mail arrives.  Maybe she is not into art or maybe she does not have time.  I think I would look if I was a mail carrier.  I would feel like snail mail art livens my day.  I may be projecting my own thoughts here since that is exactly what happens when I see the mail.  So thanks to everyone who sends me mail art.  I love it!

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jacki long said...

I love your mail art John, I have yours on my wall where I can enjoy them daily! Thanks again John.