Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sunday Morning Out the Back Window

Sunday Morning Out the Back Window
A make-believe world is wonderful to live in at times.  Creating pieces of art is like creating make-believe worlds.  They can be worlds based on reality such as this one.  However, this scene only exists in my imagination played out on paper.  It could be an illustration for a book.  It could be a spread in an art journal.  It could be almost anything you can think of as a finished piece of art.  It is a postcard.


jacki long said...

It's great as always john!
I especially like the negative yellow spaces ...
and the movement that you do so well.
Can't wait to learn from you. :o)

anonymous said...

Lovely greens.

Cate Rose said...

Beautiful card ~ I adore poppies! Thanks for your great p/c, got it yesterday. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Michele R. Unger said...

Such a different take from the usual "John" style, but still very, very YOU. I love the thistles and the layers (depth) you've achieved. This is really lovely.