Thursday, July 9, 2015

Different Strokes

Different Strokes
In the aftermath of the SOCTUS rulling on marriage equality there has been a lot of negative rhetoric concerning just what will happen to our country because of the decision.  Those who are condemning the decision are spouting irrational verbiage which only tends to incite.  We only need to look north to Canada to see that the world did not end.  There have not been earthquakes or grasshopper infestation that have devastated crops.  There have not been hurricanes or sand storms that the right can blame on the decision.  Mostly there has been acceptance.  Thank goodness!


Claudia MB said...

I second that emotion! The little cat in the corner is very creepy.

jacki long said...

This pleases me in so many ways.
I always look for your stamp that you made that great day in PVE,
and love it when I find it. I love Thomas's billiard balls.
I agree with Claudia, the cat is creepy, but necessary?
The rabbit reminds me of Irene, she loves them.
And the lady looks like me. so there. TMI?

Brian Kasstle said...

Such a fun spread! I agree. Canadian's are much cooler than we are about such things.

tgarrett said...

The whole tone in this country is worrisome to me- it seems the hate is ramping up. Terrific spread John.

Cate Rose said...

Great collage! The BEST ruling SCOTUS has made in at least 40 years. I'm actually really surprised by it, but totally delighted. Don't even listen to the naysayers, if possible. Have a great weekend!

ingridp said...

I just say, Hurray!