Thursday, July 2, 2015

Man with Bag

Man with  Bag
It seems that either I create a piece that is jam packed with ephemera and mixed-media techniques or I go the minimal route.  I rather like simplicity.  There is always a story to go with a piece, I love it when the viewer tells his or her own story.  To me there is a bit of loneliness in this piece. Having just one photograph with this particular subject sitting on a bench, perhaps waiting for whatever unfolds captures a moment in time, but also shows reflection on perhaps what is more in his life.


jacki long said...

I enlarged it and just enjoyed taking it all in!
Love the textures and maybe moodiness?
I decided he's on a lunch break, but too deep in thought to eat yet.

Brian Kasstle said...

All together wonderful. He reminds me of a college photo or a man home from the service.

tgarrett said...

Love this John- very contemplative and the background works so well here.