Sunday, July 12, 2015


Not too much to say here other than this is one of the most minimalist postcards I have ever made. Basically there were only five steps to this card.  I prepped the card and then adhered the strips of paper I purchased when we were in Vancouver, B.C.   I did the palm transfer and then the branches transfer.  Finally I adhered the man and stamped my chop mark.

Coming up with titles for pieces is usually not difficult for me.  I can only think of one time recently when I had to ask for help on a title.  I am loving the palm transfer.  It was quick and easy and bold.


Cate Rose said...

Minimal is good. I love this!

jacki long said...

I love this one too John!
The subtlety makes for such a strong composition.
Will we learn transfers? I'm clueless ;op

tgarrett said...

Nice card John- Very strong composition

anonymous said...

Neat title and arrangement - very subtle.