Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dust Bowl Memories

Dust Bowl Memories
For some reason I feel that this spread represents peacefulness.  The colors are calming as is the composition.  What is more peaceful than a cow standing in a field?  When you think of the title, Dust Bowl Memories, however, there is a lot of uncomfortable feelings that surface.  I can't imagine the loss that so many people endured when dust storms ruled and caused such havoc.  One wonders what climate change will do and is doing to us.  Are we repeating?  Sure think so.

The green represents hope.  The barn loss.  The cycle of life is represented by the cows and, of course, the woman.  Can you tell I rather enjoyed doing this spread?


jacki long said...

Yes, and I enjoyed studying it!
Such mastery of layers and composition.

anonymous said...

Maybe green and peace is what they wished for but the title and the photo call up The Grapes of Wrath and tears. Excellent spread. You don't seem to be held back by your injury - creativity will out!

Brian Kasstle said...

Her face gets to me. That generation suffered so much loss. It reminds me of my own grandmother from Ireland.

Cate Rose said...

Love this one!