Friday, November 9, 2012

November 2012 ATC

Man With Veil of Leaves

I exchange ATC cards monthly with two artists, Brian and Terry. There was no theme this month which left me wondering what to create.  Most of my pieces just start evolving without much thought in the beginning, I just start.  Brian, who lives in Long Beach, California, and I went to the flea market there last month where we found a box of old photographs.  We decided to split the box and so this is one of the photos from that box.  I added color, embroidery thread, the veil of leaves and mica to create this piece.


Brian Kasstle said...

Your card is extrodinary. Very mysterious. I love the mica. I love being part of our group.

Irene Rafael said...

mysterious is what i thought as well. how ingenious to use the embroidery thread combined with the leaves.

ingridp said...

Want to exchange with me?

john said...

Sure. That would be wonderful. Send me your address my email.