Saturday, November 17, 2012



Martha, the woman who I honor with a journal spread, is now 91 years old and about to begin a new chapter in her life.  In December she will move into a retirement home and will be near one of her sons, my friend, Darrow.  Martha is a bit nervous about this move, but as I told her she is actually regaining her independence and only has to answer to herself in her new location.

This piece began as all my works do with a treasure that I find and in this case a wooden SE Asian statue.  I really should not begin a work of art when I am tired as I worked a little too long on it last night.  I started to make mistakes and stopped.  Over the night, as is frequently the case my brain solved the problem on how to repair the damage of the night before.  Also, as is frequently the case, I like the repaired work better than what I had done previously.

Think of the right side of the spread as a stage set.  Starting at the bottom and working to the top you see a garden and a door and windows.  The door represents everything that has happened in Martha's life and the windows represent the ability to look into her life.  The background for the stage set is Martha's childhood photo when she was one year old along with the calligraphy for her childhood name, Lok King Oy.  Let the play begin!


anonymous said...

I don't know if I could really pick out the pictures where you begin from a personal connection, but it feels that way! I find this one really moving. Even without your explanation of the items, it invites involvement in the narrative.

Jill said...

I love this piece -- the images, the colors, the sense of movement and transition.

tgarrett said...

This pieces is so strong John. Your color draws me right in- the use of complementary colors-the blues and oranges gives such energy. The composition id balanced beautifully- what a wonderful tribute piece.