Sunday, November 25, 2012

Italian Gothic

Italian Gothic
This is the middle section of a triptych that I am working on.  It is my take on American Gothic.  Hmm, no pitchfork here!  The blue background is from homemade papers I made using CitraSolv.  I found the photo after an extensive search for 1920s men.  I love vintage photos and really like these two "farmers."  This piece reminded my partner of Starry Night.  It kind of does with the sky and the cyprus trees.  Watch for the next part of the triptych soon.


tgarrett said...

I am loving this- great photo find and love the alteration. That Citrasolv background- perfect for the sky- I look forward to the tow other parts.

anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. They look pretty scary. Wouldn't trust either of them. Hints of Tuscany in the background in spite of the title and the sky kind of calls Van Gogh to mind... Will there be bodies in the follow-ons?

Cathy Farrell said...

Like! The man on the right kind of looks like my Italian Grandpa.