Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Patient Bird Watcher

The Patient Bird Watcher
With a hushed silence
The sun crept in unnoticed.
The woman sat still.
This piece took a chunk of the afternoon to complete.  The woman, a bird watcher, sits patiently waiting for what she knows will come today, the EuroAsian Crane.  The light changes rapidly in the early morning hour and yet a cloud passes over before the brightness erupts.
I used a vintage photograph from the 1920s for this collage.  The mediums used were watersoluable oil pastels, acrylic paint, pan pastels and of course PhotoShop. 


tgarrett said...

Very nice John. Rich colors. The poem adds another whole feeling.

Anonymous said...

I love the three images of the same woman. The background is very nice as well. I also like the lil bit o' black in there.