Saturday, November 10, 2012


The photos for this collage came from the box of photos purchased at the Long Beach Flea Market last month.  This was one of those pieces that just started on its own only being manipulate by my hands and continued with a driving force until complete.  It was as it was driven by some unknown being as was the narrative.   Throughout the collage process I was worried about this being a sinister piece.  I even wrote to friends about how I usually do not do such pieces.  I loved the selection of what I thought were disparate collage pieces but which turned out to be what you see in the completed work.  I sure wish I knew about the people featured here.


Jill said...

The pieces come together to have an Edward Gorey-like humor, rather than being sinister. I like it!

john said...

Thanks Jill. I especially like how William turned out and how the narrative just evolved as if it were to be.

Irene Rafael said...

wow! each one of your stories elicit more stories and could even be a book in itself. it feels like your creativity is going deeper and deeper into your soul.

tgarrett said...

Stellar piece John! I love having the narrative with it. Such great colors- layering and the transparent part make mysterious and not sinister for me at least.