Friday, November 9, 2012

Funeral Lady

Funeral Lady
The story behind this piece is that I purchased a photo of the woman in this spread at a garage sale.  I asked the woman selling the photograph if she knew anything about the photo.  The Asian lady was the wife of her uncle who died.  It was my understanding that the woman made out like a bandit upon the death of her husband. 

This piece evolved from that photo with a fictionalized narrative.  The right hand side represents the man's death at 10:11 P.M.  The statuary symbolizes the cemetery with a cat scurrying about.  The left hand side represents the woman spending her husband's money by traveling around the world.

This piece was created for the 1001 Journal that Brian Kasstle is sending around.  I have been fortunate to have created three pieces for Brian's two journals.  It is amazing what others have created in the two journals.  Here is the link to Brian's blog..... http://apaperbear.wordpress.com/


Anonymous said...

Oh John! What a wonderful page for the 1001 journal! I can't wait to see it in real life! For some reason it reminds me of a garage sale. Don't ask me why... Very nice.

john said...

Perhaps it was the recent Long Beach flea market influence.

tgarrett said...

This is incredible John! What a spread- beautiful colors- rich in fantasy. I can get lost in this!