Sunday, November 4, 2012



About the only good thing about junk mail is that it provides me with journal fodder.  These monkies come from a political ad for Washington state politician.  They screeched to become the first new page in my altered journal from the Long Beach, California flea market.  There were quite a few happy accidents with this piece. The best one was that the background which was made first matches  the monkies clothing perfectly. 


Brian Kasstle said...

Oh my gosh!!!! John this is soooooo wonderful!!!!! I truely love it!!!! The colors, everything is sooo expressive!

Keep journaling!!!

tgarrett said...

This is terrific John. I just now saw it- I love the monkeys are great and what a good use of junk mail! The colors and collage elements all work so well together. Very nice.

Irene Rafael said...

i love this piece!! it sits in front of my computer smiling back at me. brian told me about the book you got at the swap meet. i love that place--bought all of the knobs in my house at the long beach swap twenty years ago. happy accidents just make you feel good, don't they?