Sunday, November 11, 2012

Georgia On My Mind, A Tribute

Georgia On My Mind, A Tribute

Months ago I created the background in a Jane Davies online class.  We were working on landscapes.  I came across that background after a recent trip to the SW.  Little did I know that it would be perfect for my tribute to Georgia O'Keeffe.

The Southwest has always intrigued me.  When I was younger I heard stories of my grandmother making the journey from LA to Santa Fe.  It was a desire to see the Santa Fe of those stories and my retirement that led me to my October vacation, 7000 miles, crisscrossing the SW.

I loved the simplicity of the adobe, the flatness of the land which really is not flat but gently rolling. The starkness of the vegetation and the light.  It is true about the light in New Mexico.  I totally understand why Georgia O'Keeffe wanted to live there.  The light especially in the late afternoon is much like the light I found in the south of France.  It is gorgeous.

This piece, Georgia On My Mind, is simple and meant to be a tribute to Georgia O'Keeffe.  The background although completed months before my journey fits so well into what I saw in New Mexico, the adobe and the colors that I saw in October.  I am in awe of the flower paintings and landscapes created by such a determined woman.  Since returning from my trip I have read two books about O'Keeffe.  The first, Remembering Miss O'Keeffe: Stories from Abiquiu by Margaret Wood, is a memoir of five years of life spent with O'Keeffe.  The second is a cookbook, A Painter's Kitchen: Recipes from the Kitchen of Georgia O'Keeffe.   Both give insight into this amazing American artist.


Irene Rafael said...

this is a beautiful piece, john. isn't it fun to build on pieces we start at an earlier time? it is filled with memories and meaning. i am glad that you were able to visit the SW and to see the light and landscape of the high desert. years ago i stayed at ghost ranch, in abiquiu nm where georgia o'keeffe lived for many years. there is a wonderful video of her i used to have. I'm not sure whether it has been made into a cd but i wouldn't be surprised if it has.

Brian Kasstle said...

I love this piece. The starkness remind me of Ms. O'Keeffe. I agree the southwest and the south of France(also Tuscany) have amazing light.

tgarrett said...

Very nice tribute piece John. I love the SW- so different that the heavily forested areas where I live but when I visited there the beauty and colors have such serenity- a calming effect. I love her work.

anonymous said...

I remember you commenting you were going on this trip back on a KDC posting and envying you then. Couldn't forget a brilliant show of her work in London years ago with a stunning video showing what a beautiful woman she was. Her paintings and drawings were so strong. Nice tribute pic.

Julie-Anne McDonald said...

I think Georgia would be pleased.

john said...

Thanks Julie-Anne. I have been wondering about you. Good to hear from you.

Julie-Anne McDonald said...

In the throws of putting house on the market and designing a house to build when a sale happens. It has amazed me that it has stopped my art life in its tracks. My studio is clean ): If Georgia is any indication you got a lot out of your New Mexico trip.
Happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful to have discovered artists like you.