Friday, May 1, 2020

Discover Reading

Discover Reading

Are you having trouble concentrating?  I am.  I try to pick up a book and I find that my mind wanders.  I use to read all the time but all I seem to manage now is scanning the newspaper and reading CNN reports.  What is this all about?  Is the virus news having an effect on me.  Times are unsettling.


jacki long said...

I love this so, John. It is really gorgeous. I love the colors and th whole composition.

Yes, I am having the same trouble with reading and I have always loved to read. I have three different books started, thinking on would click, but no luck so far. Anxious to correct the matter.

julia said...

The collage is an inspiration to go back to those serene times of reading! Yes! And it’s lovely...i am thinking that i process screen-reading so differently than i do a printed page. We spend so much time on our devices, and our brains have been trained by the app-designers, to need a fix of our device every 10 minutes...max!!
So sitting down with a book has become very hard for most of us..anderson cooper had a show on this a few months ago..
Well that is what i think is happening to me, anyway.

Robert said...

I’m reading “Dead Wake” by Erik Larson about the sinking of the Lusitania during WWI. Really interesting information about the early use of submarines (what they called U-boats, “U” for “underwater”), by the German navy.