Sunday, May 24, 2020


My piece either reminds me of Henri Rousseau’s piece or his piece influenced my piece.  It is kind like the chicken or the egg.  No matter, I love Henri Rousseau’s work and I rather like this piece.  There you have it on this long weekend during the pandemic.  I guess it is time to remember.  I know it is suppose to be to remember our dead, but for nights now I am remembering things from my past.  I mean big time remembrances.  What is going on?  I am remembering  things I have not thought of for years.


jacki long said...

Lovely colors, John, I like this one too!

anonymous said...

Have you been baking madeleines?!
I visit that Tiger every time I'm in the National Gallery - one of my favouritest pics of all time! xcr

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Hidden tiger,
Well along with this pandemic we have received the gift of time and changed brains.
I have had strange dreams, memories and found myself “swimming in uncharted waters” behavioral.
I think this is a kind of cleansing change in our minds and bodies.
Slowing down, rethinking our destiny, etc.
Back to this hidden tiger, I love that I saw it last and, a bit like observing nature closely, sweetly suprised.
It also conjured up Tiger Tiger burning bright in the forest of the night...such fearful symmetry, etc...William Blake
I love starting my morning with your blog. It inspires my day.