Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Masked Men

Masked Men
It use to be that we knew masked “men” as Batman and Robin or outlawing s of the Wild West.  Everywhere we go now we see masked men and women and now masked children.  Well, I am not seeing children much.  It is as if they have disappeared in my neighborhood.  I don’t even hear them playing.    I am not seeing them in the grocery store or walking about.  In my neighborhood I am not even seeing adults.  It is as if the planet has sucked them up.  Guess not because they are in the grocery stores, thank goodness most of them are wearing masks.  There are those few who refuse.  Unfortunately this past weekend we saw a lot of ignorance celebrating at beaches and lakes and swimming pools.  No masks and definitely not social distancing.

I saw on CNN one beach goer say he was not wearing a mask because the President was not wearing one.  I heard a woman say we all have to die sometime.  This is such a selfish way of thinking.  What about the people on the front lines of this virus?  What about respecting the people who have died?  Think about them.


jacki long said...

I agree.
I love this composition, I immediately smiled. Fun.

julia said...

John....what came to mind with your comments, the masked men, the woman’s comment, we all have to die sometime, and then your phrase: save the date:
I thought...yes,,,there is a date circled on the calendar for all of us...the day we will die..we just don’t know it..but if we are reckless, we are liable to go before that date arrives!
So wear a mask, and save the date!