Friday, May 29, 2020

Water Wars

Water Wars

When I found the phrase “Hot Water Wars” I wondered just what is a hot water war.  I have no idea really.  Could it be when one is showering and someone turns on a sink hot water tap and suddenly the shower water turns cold?  Is it when landlords only heat boiler water during certain parts of the day infuriating the tenants who are home and need hot water?  I was intrigued and do not know the answer.  It is fun to use disparities in a collage piece.  Give me time and I could come up with a narrative for hot water wars and the two gentlemen.

Thank you Terry Garrett for yet another package with amazing Terry art on it.  You gave me a terrific beginning for this collage.  It feels like a collaboration.


Robert said...

Love this piece, John, especially the strong vertical composition. With what the cursive writing on the far right states, I’m betting that “Hot Water Wars” is all about the “hot water” we have gotten ourselves into with climate change and a warming planet (just read an article about how the Columbia River is becoming too warm for salmon and other fish). Hope you are well and staying safe!

jacki long said...

This is stunning, John. Love everthing about it.

julia said...

I love how each person “sees”, “hears” your art and your commentary through their own experience. My response to hot water wars went back to my reading of english novels and the war years..the tenements, and how there was never enough hot water for everyone in the family...because you had to put in a coin, for more hot water, and the family only had so much money!
As above, though, we seem to be in a lot of hot water on every front just now...your piece is so timely, john!

tgarrett said...

I so love that you used that piece- I hold our friendship deep in my heart.